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Mako and blue shark madness

02.50, Swellendam, again WTF… ah yes I’m going diving :) 6.00, Simons town ups we’re 45 min early… well lets sleep :)
6.45, kit up get the gear to the pier and launch, next stop somewhere 45km out of cape point or wherever we find the Mozambique current. We’re lucky, after only 25km we find the current, and Mourne and Steven bet on 10 or 20 min for the fist shark, it is 20 and the first blue shows up, then another and then a mako. Ok, we get in. As usual I’m in first, need to stop that, I always end up floating on the surface for ages :)
The advantage, I get some quality time with the blues and the mako. amazing. we descend to 7 m and the drifting begins. It is a very gentle current and the sharks us busy anyway. the blues are like dog pups, they come check you out, bump into you, maybe grab a bite ;) whereas the beautiful mako are very shy, they come by have a quick glance and then swimm away, but how beautiful they are, so streamlined, and gracious, probably my favourites so far. After around 25 min we are all around 14m depth, and there are 3-4 blues, 2 mako and 3-4 seals that keep on interacting with us and between them. The seals always try and manage to scare away the mako. it is wonderful, I almost forgot the cold (17°) ;)
70min later Werner, me and a girl from Swaziland are the last ones to leave the water… wow, another incredibly beautiful experience, thanks Mourne and Steven, really knows what they are doing and make you feel part of a big family, looking forward for a beer with them in Port St. Johns next week where new exciting dives are to come… run sardines run… :)

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