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Welcome to Tanzania – or the one packing the Land cruiser

After the long bus ride back to Lusaka, some very hectic moments getting out of the bus terminal with tens of people pulling us to get into their “taxi” and finally a very relaxing flight we are back in Nairobi airport. Just in time to realize that we’ve not enough dollars with us to pay the Tanzanian visa. Well no problem right we are in an international airport so all should be easy… almost ;)
Long story all ATM out of order and the help desk tryed to rip Eliane off but she still managed to change just enough money., we are off.

Eh look left its the Kili!!! Mountains always amaze me, and the Kilimanjaro doesn’t fail to do so, foremost when it just appears over the clouds.

Yellow fever check and we are in Tanzania :) Africa 14 trip part 2 starts, well actually the preparation of it.
We really enjoyed the time with Maureen and Thys, but for the Tanzania safari we decided to go alone.

We really don’t know what to expect, everybody we asked suggested us to go with guides since the driving is treacherous, the road badly signaled and the drivers dangerous. Still, we figured that it would suit our spirits much more, hence we rented a car at fortes car hire (which I can definetly recomend – Thanks a lot Sarafaz).

The todo list for the first day includes:
– get the car
– get petrol
– get cash
– get food
– get going :)

It’s a short list, but when you have to pass through 10 ATMs to get your cash, it takes a while :)
A fat Land Cruiser with roof tent filled with 50L drinking water, groceries for 9 days (really fun when you usually shop for 1 day), gas, cooking equipment, 160L diesel and a 10 cm tall pile of cash is the sign that at 15.30 we are ready to take off to Tarangire National park.

2 Responses to Welcome to Tanzania – or the one packing the Land cruiser

  1. Alison says:

    Hello, nice site! Came across your Tanzania Trip report while researching for a similar trip myself. Regarding Fortes car hire, did they provide you with a fridge? I am planning a 2-3 week stay in the Serengeti so food is kind of a headache (trying not to eat from tins!). I hope you plan to continue your trip report ;-)

    • marco says:

      Hi Alison, I will, I “just” have to write the texts – I already have all the pics ready.
      Fortes had no fridge. We used an electric cooler box that they rented us. It worked ok for 9 days.

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