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Augrabies National park

When I booked my Kalahari trip, the only company I found that was running something that could fit my dates had a days tour including on day at the Augrabies national park. I first tough, mmm I’d like more Kalahari but then I read about the park, mostly known for its waterfall, and I saw that giraffes can be spotted there, I was sold, ad here I am, in my tent typing my first vacation post.
After packing everything in the Land-rover we left for the park, but on the way, Thys, the guide had the great idea to go for a wine tasting… at 9.30 :)
After theĀ  9 glasses that I tasted very professionally by spitting, we move to the park and have a stroll to the fall, very nice, but the cool part has still to come…
My first safari, or how it is called here, a game drive. Before lunch we spot nothing, but at lunchtime things change. At first we spot 3 beautiful fish eagles, then driving a Zebra, some kllippspringer, 3 Kudus and when we are almost back at the camp,we see 5 giraffes… suuuuper cool :) all stoked I go backĀ  camp, pinch the tent, make a fire and braai (bbq).
what a cool day :) and tomorrow it’s Kalahari time :)

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  1. a birder says:

    Not a truly fish eagle but a Verreaux Eagle. Much more scarce.

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