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Welcome to Botswana, or getting spoiled at Chobe riverfront

Short walk, river crossing and here we are… OK I skipped the 11-12 hours plane transfer to Lusaka (Zambia) and the 8 hours bus ride to Kazungula but it doesn’t matter, the whole trip was smooth and we are In Botswana!
Bags dropped in the fantastic Chobe Bakwena eco lodge and we quickly leave for a boat ride on the Chobe river.
WOW, we are speechless, Elephants, Hippos, Buffalo, Crocodiles, and a million storks, egrets, kingfishers, herons, cormorants. It’s unbelievable, we have been 3 hours in Botswana and we have already seen more than we ever imagined we would see in the whole trip.
A fantastic sunset, a nice dinner at the lodge and we are really happy to hug the pillow.
The next morning while we are having breakfast, a known voice calls my name… Thys and Maureen are here, what a pleasure. A quick last bite, an even quicker repacking session and the Land Rover is ready for taking us to the Chobe National park.
We spend two days driving around this magnificent riverfront, spending the night at the Ihaha campground and spotting myriads of animals.
Velvet monkeys, baboons, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, kudus, impalas, warthogs and hippos are everywhere. The bird-life is extremely rich and we see plenty of Kingfishers, herons, storks, egrets, cormorants, fish eagles, hornbills, francolins, guinea fowls, shorebirds, doves, you name it… and when we thought we had see it all, a Leopard pops up… there goes the getting spoiled in two days! Ah no wait, i forgot the six lionesses… wow, we need to get out of this park, there is just too much ;)
We spend the night at the Senyati camp where they have a waterhole with an underground hide from where you can take great, (almost too perfect) night shots…

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