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Khwai river to Moremi south gate or the delta outskirts

The Khwai river defines part of the north border of the Moremi game reserve with a a swamp like region, that is perfect for hippos and other water creatures. When we get to the Khwai river trust camp we go for a walk. Very calm and relaxing until we notice that we are being stalked… by hippos. Mmm, as soon as we notice the first, we realize that there are many, and soon they make themselves very noticeable with their very loud typical laugh-like call. I try to take one more shot, but the calls get really loud and probably having only 15 meters between you and an hippo is not a great idea. We go back to the bonfire and found Thys a bit worried if we are all good… he doesn’t know hippos that much either, so we go for better safe than sorry. We are all a bit worried, but the amazing steaks, the bread on the fire and a bit of wine make us almost forget the big vegetarians around the corner.
After an early morning photo session we start driving along the river where we get some incredible hippo action and some of the most beautiful sceneries we had so far.
Some more driving and there we are, the firs unavoidable water crossing. Maureen doesn’t seem to convinced and Theys doesn’t look stoked either. The local kids shoving the shallowest path finally convince them to go for it. Some more bumps and here we are, the Moremi game reserve north gate, lets enter the Okavango. Well almost… the only trouble here, unlike in South Africa and the rest of Botswana where you can pay all the park fees with credit card, in Moremi cash is king and Thys didn’t know, so we need to get more cash. we decide to go to South gate camp for the night. After Eliane and I cooked risotto (using a wonderful biltong-onion-aromat broth) e luganighetta and a bit of polenta (since we had too little rice), the evening activity gets clear, spotted hyena spotting and photographing. They are really naughty but shy, so as long as you don’t see them they sneak up on you, but a soon as you notice them they go away. After the cool evening we go to bed, the next morning Thys and Maureen drive to Maun to stock up on cash and since they are there, they get some more groceries as well. We relax the whole morning and when they get back at three, we are really happy that they suggest still going on a game drive toward black pools. Really cool, the Okawango discovery starts.

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