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last time 30…

mmm, got to enjoy your last day as young 30 young person… what better than going up that mountain that you have been looking at for the last two weeks? well, kind of like that, first I went with my coleagues Tim and Werner up to the waterfall via riverbed, then we came down and I decided that since I was sweatty already, I’ll run a bit more. Just a bit, and then a bit more and then, come on just a bit more to the top… sunset at the top, like if made on purpose… :)
then the part I don’t like, running down, ski touring is sooo much more fun for that :), but eh, promised my host family I’ll cook, so i’ll better hurry up, and its night anyway…

3h, 13km and 1200m gain after leaving home I’m back enjoying my bath and cook some “tagliatelle verdi alla crema di zafferano e limone”… yeahhhh got to love turning 31 :)

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