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WWF… Wacky Wine Festival!

Rainy day today, it is actually pissing like crazy and I love it, no better excuse to sleep in after a long birthday party night. Yes, we rocked Swellendam till 3.30 afterd discovering what is better than  a T-bone steak… 2 T-bone steaks :):)
Yes two, thanks to my host sister and friend Saskia, a veggie eater ;), and the fact that the menu at Kroonlands where Vera and Etienne (my host parents) invited me was a fixed 3 courses including T-bone as main, I had the pleasure to enjoy the last bite of my first steak thinking… yeah, next one on :)

ok, back to bed and rain, and today’s plans. As the title says, today no sports but culture, true SA wine culture at the Wacky wine festival. A sort of open cellars weekend mixed with live bands and general increased degustation levels… super fun. Located in the Beautiful Robertson valley, it is a real pleasure to visit it. We first went to Weltevreden where I tried the best wines of the day. Then we shortly stopped at the magnificent estate to then move on to Van Loveren where the party started and we ended of at Bon Courage, where their “blush” sparkling rosĂ© kept everyone happy and more

A super cool thing to go to in case you are in the region the first weekend of June.

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